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Live authentically, work with purpose and create a thriving business that fuels you.

MARCH 2024 - AUGUST 2024

You feel a stirring deep in your heart to step into your calling and live on purpose.


Because you want to coach and guide others on their journey of healing.


Because you feel called to use your life experience to help others break free and live the life they dream of.


Because you know you want to be a part of bringing real change to the world.


Because whether you’ve been a coach or therapist for years or are just getting started on this journey, you’re ready to answer that tug in your soul: The one that tells you that you were meant for something more.

Something has brought you here in this exact moment, and it’s because NOW is your time to finally manifest the desires you’ve held for so long.

So, what’s standing in your way?

Perhaps the reason you haven’t said yes to creating a coaching business that aligns with your passion and purpose is…

You’re not really sure where to start. You're interested in coaching, but you’re not sure how to build or run a coaching practice or actually make money as a coach.

The fear is starting to creep in. How can you grow your business without sacrificing your time and freedom? Can you actually do this and are you qualified?

How can you be sure that you’ll get people results? Will your friends and family judge you for leaving your current career path to try something new?


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The certification program that gives you everything you need to become an Adult Chair Coach, grow a thriving business and help your clients transform their lives — while you transform your own.

Hi! I'm Michelle Chalfant.

I’m the creator of The Adult Chair® model, a roadmap for life based in simple psychology and grounded spirituality. In short, it’s a straightforward, practical tool that shows people HOW to HEAL.

It was born out of my own healing journey and the countless trainings, certifications and modalities I’ve studied (including my experience as a licensed therapist)...and it’s transforming lives around the globe.


Because it gets results!!

When people experience it, they want more of it. And if you want to be the best coach you can be, it starts with having the most effective model for working with clients...a model that is powerful enough to change the world!


“Your initial investment will come back to you 10x over if you put in the work and follow my guidance. You know how I do, so you should expect nothing less.”


Michelle Chalfant


as seen in

Many clients tell us that even though they’ve been through years of therapy, this holistic coaching model has helped them cut through layers of challenges and get to the core issues of what they’re facing in a single session.


It is my mission to bring healing to this world, and I want you a part of it!

Because the truth is...we’re in the midst of a tsunami of healing!


People want to be healthy.


They want to feel confident, fulfilled, passionate and like the best versions of themselves.


And if you’re like our other certified coaches, then you feel a tug to join the movement and help the world get there.

✔️ You want to change lives.

✔️ You want to live your purpose.

✔️ You want a career you love and to make the impact you know you were born to make.

✔️ You want to be a part of bringing REAL change to the world as people become emotionally and spiritually healthy — transforming lives, families and entire communities.


All YOU have to do is answer that calling you feel in your heart to help others change their lives…and change your own in the process!

What coaches are saying...

Cindi DuMond

"This program is transformational – but it's two-fold, both personally and professionally. The support of this program is unmatched and has made a huge difference in building my confidence as an entrepreneur and coach, while quieting my inner critic and allowing me to excel in my career."

Cindi DuMond, Certified Adult Chair® Coach

Tracy Brown

"I can’t believe how all of the things we learned are SO EFFECTIVE!! Michelle’s approach - it just blows my mind!!

I’ve seen its power...but it just never ceases to amaze me coming out of a session of how impactful her approach is.

I’m filled with enormous gratitude to Michelle and the team and the program you have created. Michelle’s methodology is so simple yet brilliant and it just flat out works."

Tracy Brown, Certified Adult Chair® Coach


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So much more than just another certification program, it will teach you to truly live from your own Adult Chair, help others to do the same and give you a turnkey business that attracts your dream clients.




    This program is a six-month, in-depth training to help you become a fully trained life coach and learn, embody and apply The Adult Chair model to your business.

Where it starts: A 5-day in-person, intensive training.

12,500 VALUE - green

The certification kicks off with a five-day, in-person training February 18 - 23, 2024 at the Embassy Suites Cool Springs in Franklin, TN (a suburb of Nashville, TN), where Michelle will lead hands-on, experiential work to immerse you in the model and training as a coach.

This week is the foundation of the entire program. It’s designed to help you embody the model, learn to trust your intuition and become a powerful and effective coach.

This is where you step into your Adult Chair (yes, you will do your own work in the program too!) and learn how to use the model and all of its tools as a coach.
It’s truly the building blocks for everything you’ll do inside the certification.

The next 6 months: completely virtual.

Then, throughout the next six months, you’ll immerse yourself into our extensive coaching curriculum.

31,200 VALUE - white

The certification kicks off with a five-day, in-person training February 18 - 23, 2024 at Embassy Suites Cool Springs in Franklin, TN (suburb of Nashville, TN), where Michelle will lead hands-on, experiential work to immerse you in the model and training as a coach.

This week is the foundation of the entire program. It’s designed to help you embody the model, learn to trust your intuition and become a powerful and effective coach.

This is where you step into your Adult Chair (yes, you will do your own work in the program too!) and learn how to use the model and all of its tools as a coach.

It’s truly the building blocks for everything you’ll do inside the certification.

...that focuses on the core modules of the certification program. This is your chance to dive deeper into The Adult Chair model and coaching best practices and tools AND get your questions answered by Michelle in real time!

...where you can ask questions and get coaching on how to implement the model in your own coaching. Whether you’re practicing and run into something that you’re not sure how to handle or simply need more support on integrating the model in your own way, Michelle is here to help!

...where you will learn turnkey business building strategies and get support on all things related to growing your coaching business. Whether you need feedback on your pitch or website, have questions about getting new clients or want help nailing your pricing, Sarah is here to help you create a business that you love and that THRIVES! you can be supported every step of the way as questions arise. Your mentor will be a Certified Adult Chair Coach (master-in-training) who has been through this program and knows what it takes to succeed. We know this program is in-depth, so we give you MULTIPLE opportunities to get coaching and feedback as you go! you can learn what you need to work on and how to become an even better, more intuitive coach who serves your clients with complete confidence.

...where you get to see the founder of the model live and in action as she coaches one of the coaches-in-training (could be you!), followed by a Q&A so you can learn from the expert Adult Chair Coach and thought leader herself! whether you know what your future looks like or not, we will help you discover your calling and niche, understand where you uniquely fit in the marketplace and define your brand so you can launch your business with a clear, strong message and strategic foundation.

...yes, you heard me right! Included in this program is a personalized website we will help you design, craft and build so when you walk out of the program you can immediately launch your dream career! We’re not only adding HUGE value by giving you a website as part of the program cost, but also making sure it strategically communicates your brand and engages your audience. No other program out there provides this!

This certification gives you everything you need to become a qualified TAC Coach with a business you love. But we can’t do the work for you! In order to graduate, you need to show up and put in the work.

The Perks Of Being A Certified Coach

At the end of our 7 months together, you’ll be certified and get access to all the benefits of being a master coach.

Lifetime access to your 2023 platform with tons of resources, including previously recorded masterclasses, pre-recorded coaching sessions to see the model in action, worksheets and more!

A TAC Coaching manual that will give you everything you need to support you in continuing to grow your business after the program.

One year of free listing in our coaches directory, where you’ll be named as a certified coach on the The Adult Chair website so you can easily get in front of clients who are searching for someone like you!

Official Adult Chair® Coach certification and badge, which gives you the opportunity to market yourself as a Certified Adult Chair® Coach

TAC Coaches-only online community where you can connect with other coaches, brainstorm, get support and take this journey together.

One free Adult Chair live event ticket for you and a guest, so you can continue to do your own work.

An incredible community of Adult Chair Coaches that are there for you during and after the program to connect, brainstorm and get support as you all crush your goals and achieve your dreams!

A solid brand foundation and pitch so you know exactly who you are, what you are called to do and how to attract the clients you are meant to serve.

A brand new website – built FOR you – so you can immediately start attracting your dream clients!

Plus more! We love to add new bonuses all the time to ensure not only are you an incredible coach but you are equipped with everything needed to be a successful entrepreneur!

Most importantly you will be living out your dream, calling and purpose and building a fulfilling, integrated life: doing what you love, setting your own schedule, creating the balance you crave and waking up excited every day because work will no longer feel like’s part of who you are! 





But I’m giving you all of this for only 12 payments of $1,290!

YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT — only 12 payments of $1,290 or a single payment of $15,000 or a turnkey coaching business, an INCREDIBLE price!
Remember, spots are very limited, and once the spots are filled, we will not be opening the doors again until next year!
Doors close January 5th, 2024

What coaches are saying...

Olivia Martinez

"Wow! I am elated to share that I made the BEST decision in taking The Adult Chair Coaching Certification decision ever!! My life has changed so much that tears of joy and excitement came rushing down as I read [my website copy]. I can’t believe how they are MY WORDS!

Since joining the program, I have seen tremendous personal and professional growth and I love the TAC team as well as my soul sisters who I had the privilege to meet at the retreat."

Olivia Martinez, Certified Adult Chair® Coach

Amber Jones

"While Michelle still gives you the strategies and tools to be an incredible coach, the difference with her work is she teaches you how to truly embody it – you're a completely different person and the coaching becomes so easy and natural."

Amber Jones, Certified Adult Chair® Coach

The Framework

This program is broken down into 6 proven modules that create incredible, effective coaches.

Over our 6 months together, we’ll go deep into 6 key areas that impact both your coaching and your business…

Here’s how it breaks down:

Learn how to take the best care of yourself so you can be the best coach for your clients and teach them how to do the same for themselves.

Refresh your skills from the in-person training and dive deeper into the blueprint so you know how to lead the most powerful sessions as a coach.

Enhance key skills that will help your own healing and add to your toolkit as you lead clients through experiential exercises that will totally transform them.

Gain confidence in recognizing triggers, understanding them and navigating them, not only for yourself so you can hold a clean container for your clients, but for your clients as well.

Learn to recognize the signs of the most common struggles so you know exactly how to work with your clients to ensure a powerful healing journey.

Recognize and learn to navigate some of the hottest topics in the coaching industry right now so you can empower your clients.


Inside the certification, we’re giving you EVERYTHING you need to help your coaching business thrive with our completely turnkey method of building and growing a successful business.

You’ll learn how to create and scale a business that you love (while getting practical marketing tools) even if you’ve never run your own business before!


Here’s how the business side breaks down:

We’ll help you to identify who you are in business, how you communicate your value and how you pitch to your ideal clients.

We’ll give you a professional website for your coaching business so you can easily market your business and book new clients online. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into a website that gets clients… this is for you!
This is all about learning business and marketing tools to help you attract new clients. This is the final piece of the puzzle.

The Adult Chair teaches you everything you need to know to be healthy and whole so you can lead others through their own journey to do the same.

But we take it even further by providing every resource, tool and strategy that will help you easily set up a successful business!


Remember, spots are very limited, and once the spots are filled, we will not be opening enrollment again until the next year!

Join now so you can manifest your life’s purpose of helping others!

Doors are ONLY open until January 6th, 2024 or until the program is filled (whichever comes first) and after that, the certification will not reopen until the next year!


“Is this really for me?”


The Adult Chair Coaching Certification certainly isn’t for everyone. This is an intensive program designed to give you the tools and training you need to help bring REAL change to the world. Like any investment, the more you put in, the more you get out!

If you’re looking for an easy program that doesn’t require you to show up, this isn’t the program for you.


However, if you're someone who...


✔️ Is ready to invest in their life and become truly unstoppable while helping others do the same


✔️ Wants to tap into your deeper purpose and create a career where you can help others, work from anywhere and set your own schedule (even if you have no experience as a coach or therapist)


✔️ Has a deep desire to help people become emotionally and spiritually healthy


✔️ Is looking for a proven, holistic coaching model that transforms lives


✔️ And is ready to do what it takes to get there

… then this certification is for you!

Tonya Brooks

"I love being an Adult Chair® Coach for several reasons! I am helping others get out of the same dark valleys that I was once in. I know how lonely it can be, and I know how much it means to have someone who wants to help you get better. Another reason is I can see the improvements in my clients in such a short time. This model works, and it's simple!

The Adult Chair is like a knife to the onion. Instead of peeling back layer by layer, it cuts straight to the issue to find the root of the problem, [and from there] we're able to heal it in the most simple and powerful way."

Tonya Brooks, Certified Adult Chair® Master Coach

Jenny Jansen

"I am using The Adult Chair tools with clients and seeing such transformational results in such a quick period of time. The language is so easy to use and the model is so simple to understand, but the depth that these simple tools create and get to is unlike anything I’ve ever learned in my years of training as a therapist or getting my master’s degree. It just makes sense."

Jenny Jansen, Certified Adult Chair® Master Coach

Ready to join?

The Adult Chair Coaching Certification is completely turnkey — we’re handing you the roadmap to becoming a transformational, holistic coach who embodies their own Adult Chair, helps heal others and has a thriving business that lights them up.

March 2024 - August 2024

February 18 - 23, 2024 in Nashville, TN


Here’s what our current TAC Coaches wanted to know before joining the certification:

Nope! While we do have therapists that are also Certified Adult Chair® Coaches, this program is for anyone who feels called to help others using The Adult Chair model. Whether you are looking for a career change and want to become a life coach or you have a business and want to integrate the model into it, we’re going to help you get there!

Our standards are very high, and we guarantee any graduate of this program will be fully trained and ready to take on clients.

The only requirement we have of those joining is that you are fully committed, passionate and ready to be a part of this incredible movement of helping others transform their lives.

No. There’s nothing you need to have done prior to joining.  

However, when you’re accepted into the program, we’ll be sending you optional pre-work to move through before our live event, which officially kicks off our time together. While the pre-work isn’t required, we highly encourage you to go through the exercises to become the best coach you can be!

In order to be a great Adult Chair Coach, you have to live in your Adult Chair! This starts with the pre-work that cleans the slate. After all, we can only take people as far as we’ve gone… so we start immediately! 

This won’t take more than 10-15 minutes to complete each week, but it’s key in preparing yourself for the training.

For a full review of certification requirements, please see our 2024 CCP Overview + Requirements PDF here.

If you attend the in-person training but don’t complete your practicum hours, you will not receive your certification. You must complete all of your requirements to be certified, including a final exam. The final exam will be provided on August 1, 2024 and will be due no later than August 31, 2024. An early submission date will be provided so if you do not pass your exam the first time, you may take it a second time as long as it is submitted no later than the August 31, 2024 deadline. 

Because group participation is such a large part of this program, it’s essential that you commit to your practicum hours both for yourself and for other program participants. 

We understand that life happens, and we will work with you if an unexpected event arises. We ask that all participants take this commitment seriously and that you only apply if you expect to be able to fully participate.

Lastly…I want to see you succeed! We give 110% – and if you do the same, you will not fail this! We give you everything you need to succeed and become an incredible coach!

The program is primarily virtual. However, you are required to attend the 5-day in-person training, which will be held February 18 - 23, 2024 at the Embassy Suites Cool Springs in Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville, TN. 

For the in-person training, you will need to arrive by 5:00pm Central Time on Sunday, February 18 and you may leave any time on Friday, February 23.

There will be a kick off dinner provided Sunday, February 18 at 6:00pm CT. Lunch will be provided every training day.

We've also reserved a room block in the hotel of our training for your convenience, which you can find here.

Yes. Not only do we teach you how to coach, but teach you how to get clients as well. By the end of this program, you’ll be more than ready to take on clients and help them in their healing journey.

Like any investment, what you put into this certification is what you get out! You should plan to spend a minimum of five to ten hours a week working through the certification, but we’re confident that when you make this a priority, you’ll see amazing results.

The mentors for this program are Certified Adult Chair Coaches who are also master coaches in training and have been through the program and know what it takes to succeed. Not only are they experts in The Adult Chair model, but they are practicing life coaches who can help you become the best coach possible, answer any questions you have about your style or practice and guide you on your training journey (one they’ve been on themselves!).

Adult Chair Certified Coaches are certified by The Michelle Chalfant Co. and not by a third-party accrediting body. 

However, our program is based on the competencies and ethics laid out by ICF and decades of experience in the field. 

We give you both professional training and holistic guidance to make sure that Certified Adult Chair Coaches are not just qualified but also approach their practice from a place of love, connection, respect and excellence.

We have a select number of spots available and every class is different, as we only accept those who are truly passionate and ready to commit. 

With the number of calls, mentors and opportunities to connect with your class, we know you’ll feel fully supported no matter the class size! 

Right away! We are accepting coaches on a first come, first served basis. When you apply, you’ll get a confirmation email immediately after you complete your application confirming your acceptance in the program (because when you’re going after your dream, we don’t want anything to hold back that energy and excitement!). Once the program is full, the doors will close and you won’t be able to apply or enroll any longer.

The live event is required for certification. It will be taking February 18 - 23, 2024 at the Embassy Suites Cool Springs in Franklin, TN (suburb of Nashville, TN).

The kick off dinner Sunday, February 18 at 6:00pm and all lunches during training days will be provided.

We will provide coffee, tea, and water throughout the training as well. Travel is not included.

We've reserved a room block in the hotel of our training for your convenience, which you can find here. 

Please note that you may not join this year’s certification program if you do not attend the live event, and that you must attend the live event in its entirety.

Once you enroll in The Adult Chair Coaching Certification Program, you won’t receive a refund unless a force majeure occurs, which is an unforeseeable circumstance that prevents you or us from fulfilling a contract (think of an act of God, extended hospital stay, hurricane or emergency of similar nature).

Here’s the thing: it’s going to be normal for fear, self-doubt and imposter syndrome to kick in at some point along the journey...but the key to your success is to push through this! If you stick with your investment and give it

You can reach out to our team at with your questions. We’re happy to help!

How the process works:

1. Book a call (optional)
If you have any questions or just want to hear more details about the program, book a call with one of our team members: BOOK MY CALL

2. Select your payment option.
Select the best payment option for you listed on this page. We offer two plans, one cost efficient plan (single, upfront payment) and one flexible plan (12 monthly payments).

3. Check your inbox.
You will be receiving a confirmation email that includes an information form and a link to a room block for the live-in person event.

4. Buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey together!
Once the above is completed, I will introduce you to your Coach Success Manager who will be in touch with you every Monday until the program begins once doors close on January 6, 2024. But don't worry, you will be hearing from me between now and then!


If you know this is what you’re being led to do, don’t miss your chance to be a part of this year’s program!

Your purpose is calling. This is YOUR time! You know in your heart that you’re MEANT to be a part of this movement!

You know that you’ve been put here to help others live a happy, peaceful and powerful life.

Through The Adult Chair Coaching Certification, we’re giving you a complete roadmap to not just help clients heal, but to create a business that truly fuels you.

Don’t let another year go by without doing what you know you are called to do.

We’re so excited to have you as a part of this movement!

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