with Michelle Chalfant

Create the healthy, fulfilling relationship you just 6 weeks.




with Michelle Chalfant

Create the healthy, fulfilling relationship you just 6 weeks.


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These are the hallmarks of a healthy relationship.

Greater Love + Deeper Connection + Mutual Respect & Understanding

One where you feel connected with your partner like you’re on the same team – you trust they have your back and you have theirs.

One where you feel free to be 100% YOU, pursue your dreams, enjoy your life – and feel safe, appreciated, respected, and even adored for it.

One where you’re able to communicate clearly, in a way that allows you to be seen, heard, and understood on the deepest level.

One where you and your partner get to truly enjoy one another, have fun again, and get blissfully wrapped up in those heart to heart conversations you’re deeply longing for.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? (If not a little impossible?)

I get it. If your relationship has been feeling “meh” at best – and on the verge of crashing and burning at worst – the idea of feeling free, respected, adored, seen, heard, and most of all enjoying regular, deep, fulfilling, heart-to-heart connection with your partner.

Might seem totally out of reach...

Does any of this sound familiar?

You love your partner but if you’re being totally honest, something’s missing and you’re tired of being the one doing all the heavy lifting. 😡You want him to meet you where you are, respect your needs, and show up emotionally.

You know you have a history of unhealthy patterns or even codependency, so you’re having a hard time identifying what’s healthy and OK in this relationship. 😥You want it to go the distance and work, but don’t know for sure where your responsibility ends and his begins.

You’re either fighting more than usual or barely connecting at all. 😞The emotional distance is so thick, you could cut it like a stick of butter and you’re tired of feeling like they’re on a whole other planet, just orbiting the same solar system as you!

You can’t remember the last time you felt deeply and truly heard, understood, and respected. You know your partner loves you, but you’re also learning that love isn’t enough so you’re asking yourself what else you can do to make this work.

Relationships do take work, and you’ve always known this…

But are they supposed to be so disappointing and exhausting?

Instead of enjoying date nights and deep conversations, you’re diving down internet rabbit holes on narcissism and emotional unavailability – asking if you’ve landed yourself in yet another unhealthy dynamic OR if you two are just in a short-term relationship rut that you gotta make a mutual effort to climb out of.

You have choices from here. You can keep doing what you’ve been doing (which clearly isn’t working). Or you can try a new approach, one that is certain to move you closer to the healthy, happy relationship you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Because the truth is, all the free content in the world can’t replace the one thing that will give you both the clarity and relationship you really want, need, and deserve…

Becoming 100% healthy in your half of the relationship…

And then, inviting your partner to meet and join you there.

Hi, I’m Michelle Chalfant, and if you’re new to me – I’m a psychotherapist, master life coach, author, and host of the top-rated personal growth podcast The Adult Chair®


My mission is to provide simple solutions for life’s most complex problems – so that loving yourself, enjoying your life, and getting the love and connection you want from your partner becomes easier than ever. So I teach people the simple tools they need to get unstuck in their life, find emotional balance, and experience healthy, fulfilling relationships.

But… I’m not just an expert who’s created an effective therapeutic model and worked with thousands of clients over my 25 years in this field. I’m also a woman who struggled with unhealthy relationship tendencies myself. I truly understand the pain, frustration, and deep wounds that get triggered when your romantic partner isn’t meeting your needs.

I know what it’s like to fall head over heels for the wrong guy, to feel the heartbreak of becoming deeply disconnected from my husband, and to live with the question of whether I would be happy enough in my marriage for it to remain a lifelong love.

I also know that when the time has come for a change...

You hit a breaking point knowing you can’t keep going the way you’re going and it's time to face the truth – your relationship needs a reset!

As painful as they can be, those moments are so important, because they are when you decide to take the future of your relationship into your own hands.

When I hit this point in my marriage I thought “I just can’t keep sweeping things under the carpet anymore!” 

That was how my family did feelings growing up – just sweeping it all away as if it never happened. I had done enough of my own personal work to transform that programming in my own life, so seeing it show up in my marriage was a big “heck no!” for me. 

I just knew I couldn’t keep going the way that we were.

Otherwise, we were going to need a bigger carpet to keep sweeping all the crap under there!

And I’m grateful now that I went through all of that, because it forced me to do what I needed to do to reset our relationship! 


It took me doing my own self-work to set our relationship reset in motion. It was by changing me, that we changed.

As a result of what I did, my husband finally started to work on himself and show up differently, and today my marriage is in a whole different place. 

We respect each other, we talk things through, we apologize quickly, we appreciate each other  and most of all: we feel seen, understood, and enjoy our life together.

It’s always easier to blame the other person than it is to take responsibility for your side of the street and do the work to shift things, but the truth is:

Doing your own inner work is the real key to change. And? It doesn’t have to be so complicated!

Chances are, no one handed you a guide book on how to create a healthy, happy loving relationship.

Sadly, this isn't an instruction manual we get at birth. And it’s not something they teach in school. 

But that’s not your fault, so please don’t beat yourself up over it.

Over 90% of people don’t learn these skills, which is why I’m going to hand you the playbook.It’s not your fault that you weren’t given a healthy relationship guide as a young adult – I wasn’t either – but now, it is your responsibility to do what you can to change the future of your love life.

Because when you truly take the health of your relationship into your hands, and learn the simple tools to revive your connection with your partner, everything changes…

You get to be with a partner who listens, respects you, and does their own work to be great for you – so you get the love, support, and devotion you really want.

You become communication champions, together, as you navigate the road bumps of practicing new relationship skills like a fun couple’s adventure.

You learn what your boundaries are, and how to set them so they’re heard, held, and respected – say hello to peace and goodbye to constant bickering!

You receive the quality time, attention, support, and romantic gestures that mean the most to you and show you how loved and cherished you are because you can ask for what you want and know you deserve it!

Best of all, you have clear parameters for what’s healthy and unhealthy in your relationship.

You learn the TRUTH about your relationship and how much growth it’s capable of by working on it through the lens of a real professional and expert. Not your friends or family members

And, you walk away with a relationship that’s been totally reset, renewed, and refreshed.

A relationship that is deeply fulfilling, lovingly connected, and built on mutual love, respect, honesty, vulnerability, and loyalty. 

A relationship that puts you at ease and feels like coming home.

Isn’t that what you truly want and deserve? 

Well, it’s high time you have it!



The Relationship Reset

A simple, 6-week program to shift your relationship into healthier, happier territory 

so you get all the love, connection, and understanding you want.

This live, online program will walk you through a 4-part system based in simple psychology and grounded spirituality that makes creating healthy, fulfilling relationships way easier. You’ll enjoy live weekly classes, a private support community, and walk away with a whole new relationship and a reliable set of tools you’ll use forever.

Doors close on October 8th - don’t miss out!

“Using Michelle’s model, my husband and I have repaired our marriage. I believe The Adult Chair® model is the most relatable and easily adaptable that I have seen.

Suzanne K

Everyone would benefit from this work.
“I learned how to set healthy boundaries. I have applied this method to my marriage, my friendships, and my relationship with myself. I can’t help but know that everyone would benefit from this work.”


Liana J

“I’ve done a lot of very good work with some very good therapists but Michelle’s [The Adult Chair®] model provided me with the missing link.” 


Jackie B

At the end of our 6 weeks together, you’ll have the tools to…

Understand everything you need to know about healthy relationships, including your contribution to your relationship’s health status.

Understand precisely what’s going on inside of you whenever you want to fight, storm off, or slam a door (yep, we’ve all been there) – and how to de escalate your reactions to avoid blow-out fights, and properly repair if the blow-out can’t be avoided

Get why you’re attracted to your partner in the first place, and how use that knowledge to work with your wounds and attachment styles to create more love and connection

Communicate with your partner in a way that inspires him to offer the right support, grant you the space you need, or simply listen so you feel seen and heard

Set the stage to engage in loving conversations about what you both want, and carve a new path together to make that beautiful future your shared reality

Have a new toolkit of simple scripts and techniques to set better boundaries, have more productive conversations, and create a connection ritual with your beloved!


Ready to Reset Your Relationship?

Doors close on October 8th - don’t miss out!

Here’s how we’ll work together over 6 live weeks

Week 1: Set The Foundation Of A Healthy Relationship

Learn the top 12 habits of all healthy relationships and explore where your relationship may or may not be measuring up. No relationship is perfect, but there is a difference between a healthy relationship that is planted in the right soils for optimal growth, and a toxic one that will wither no matter how much water and sun it gets! In week one, you’ll rank the health of your relationship on a scale of 1 to 10, and leave with confidence and clarity on what you can do to start improving your connection with your partner right away.

Week 2: Understand Your Unique Attraction & Attachment Code

Most of us get into romantic relationships based on who we are naturally attracted to. Usually, that looks like getting attached to someone who will touch and trigger our deepest wounds! In week two, we’ll dive deep into your past and discover what makes you the partner you are. From your beliefs, to your attachment style, to what you learned about relationships throughout your life, there is a special way that you learned to love and receive love. So how do you hack your attraction & attachment code to enjoy more fulfilling love and connection? I’ll show you how!

Week 3: Realign Your Relationship With Connected Communication

This is the week we begin rebuilding a whole new relationship for you. In order to realign your relationship, you’ll have to look at the role you’ve been playing and take responsibility for it. This is the week you’ll get honest about what you’ve been doing and not doing to contribute to the state of your relationship, plus learn some new skills, tools, and scripts to turn that around. We’ll dive deeper into boundaries, emotional regulation, and advanced communication techniques so you’re ready to have a conversation with your partner that will move your relationship forward. Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the scripts, cheatsheets, and tools you need to make this easy!

Week 4: Rewrite Your Relationship Rulebook & Begin Anew

Relationships are all about agreements. Some we’ve entered into unconsciously, and others we’ve written and co-signed intentionally. In week four, you’re ready to burn the unconscious contracts and start anew! From navigating triggers to repairing after conflict, you’ll become closer and significantly deepen your relationship from here. I’ll provide you with a specific framework to use so you can invite your partner into a conversation to build your new relationship agreement together. 

Weeks 5 + 6: Extend Your Learning On Hot Topics Like Trust, Navigating Social Media, Phone Privacy, & More

Because this work is deeply personal and may take you more than 4 weeks to complete, I’m also including two BONUS weeks of live support – you’ll use this time to go deeper on hot topics like trust & social media, ask any lingering questions, and enjoy connecting with the community.

“Your teachings, spirit, and The Adult Chair® model has completely changed my life.” 

Jeannine S.

[Michelle’s work] has helped me more than years and thousands of dollars in therapy, including EMDR.

Ashley E.

Practicing this work helps in my challenge of self confidence with myself and with boundaries in relationships.

Susan P.

Ready to Reset Your Relationship?

Doors close on October 8th - don’t miss out!

This all sounds amazing, but what’s the investment?

You’re not going to believe this but…

Less than the cost of two single therapy sessions. 🤯

(I know, pretty amazing, right?)

For all of the live classes, worksheets, scripts, prompts, private community, bonuses, and access to the call recordings so you can review as needed throughout our 6 weeks –

The Relationship Reset is valued at over $2,700.

But the investment is only a fraction of that at $297.

That’s it. 

Less than the cost of two therapy sessions, a splurge-y dinner date, or let’s be honest – an innocent trip to Target. 🥴 


“Nothing was able to get to the core… till now!”

“I read hundreds of self-help books, spent a fortune on programs, have been in coaching and therapy for 19 years.... but nothing was quite able to get to the core till now! Massive AHA's and Shifts – I'm shattered in the most wonderful way!”

Donna R

“That was big and transformational! I have been in therapy since May and hadn't had so much relief in any session so far. This was an “aha” moment, an important tool to use and heal myself.” 


Constana M

Embracing [Michelle’s] tools have truly been transforming my many parts into wholeness and peace. I know you too can experience your own beautiful transformation when you consciously integrate these tools in your daily living.


Crystal J

Ready to join us?

I’m already celebrating you for making this tremendous, brave, and powerful step towards a whole new relationship for you and your beloved.


Here’s how to secure your spot:

From there, you’ll be taken to a cart where you can register with any major credit card to complete your enrollment. Make sure you double check the email you use here and look out for typos!

Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with your receipt of purchase!

Next, you’ll get a second email with all of the course details like which links you’ll need, how to log in, where to find our amazing online community! (Hooray!)

Our first weekly live class will be Tuesday, October 10th at 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT or you’ll catch the replay – all class recordings will be added to your online program portal 48 hours after the live classes – so there’s no need to make every live class.

You’ll work through the program material on your own time and come back to our online group as it works for your schedule - wrapping up right in time for a gorgeous Thanksgiving and holiday season with your beloved. 🥰

Oh yeah. Let’s do this thing!

The Relationship Reset Begins October 9th

  • Wednesday, October 11th | 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT Set The Foundation Of A Healthy Relationship

  • Wednesday, October 18th | 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT Understand Your Unique Attraction & Attachment Code

  • Wednesday, October 25th | 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT Realign Your Relationship With Connected Communication

  • Wednesday, November 1st | 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT Rewrite Your Relationship Rulebook & Begin Anew

  • Wednesday, November 8th | 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT Revisiting Hot Topics & Answer Lingering Qs

  • Wednesday, November 15th | 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT Revisiting Hot Topics & Answer Lingering Qs

*All class recordings will be added to your online program portal 48 hours after the live classes – so there’s no need to make every live class.

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Meet Your Instructor

Michelle Chalfant is a psychotherapist and master life coach who has been changing lives around the globe since 2014 with her podcast The Adult Chair®. 

From helping listeners conquer anxiety, depression, and codependency to teaching them how to understand and transform themselves for greater peace, healthier relationships, and unshakeable self-love– Michelle has become a trustable, reliable force in the self-help space. 

Michelle has been published and featured in People Magazine, The NY Times, and Well+Good (to name a few). After conquering her own love addiction and love avoidance to build a healthy, happy marriage, she knows firsthand what it takes to turn a relationship around. 

Now, she’s giving you the precise tools you need to make better choices in love and build a more fulfilling and solid connection with your partner.


Ready to Reset Your Relationship?

Doors close on October 8th - don’t miss out!

Okay, I want in, but is this really for me?

Great question… let’s find out how many boxes you check! The Relationship Reset was designed for a woman in a committed relationship who…

Longs for more connection, understanding, and devotion from her partner but isn’t quite sure how to get it – either has tried it all or isn't sure where to start

Has always dreamt of being in a healthy, happy, long-term relationship but didn’t get all of the skills and tools to create one from her family

Is willing to look in the mirror and face some hard truths in the interest of having a more connected, loving, and healthy relationship

Wants to shift her own relational patterns (like codependency, love addiction, and love avoidance) and trusts that by changing herself she’ll change her relationship

Ready to Reset Your Relationship?

Doors close on October 8th - don’t miss out!


Here’s the truth…

Whether you’re in a long term committed relationship, engaged, or married…

Whether you have kids (or had them hoping it would shift things for the better, but it only made things way harder)...

Whether you’re close to throwing in the towel and not sure you can (or want to) continue…

You have the power to reset your relationship.

To give it a fresh start, a new beginning, a total renewal.

And? You’re the only one with the power to do it.

So if you want that, it’s up to YOU to take that responsibility into your hands and see just how much you’re capable of by saying YES to The Relationship Reset.

Because no one else can do it for you.

But don’t hesitate to say yes and make this new beginning in your relationship.

We start next week, and I can’t wait to see you inside…

xo, Michelle

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